Becoming a Sales Representative

At TekVet we are looking for individuals with proven track records in livestock sales and services who see themselves making a marked difference in the livestock industry. The purpose of the TekVet Health Monitoring System is to make improvements to the industry by: 


  • Reducing livestock loss
  • Reducing disease
  • Increasing livestock operators’ profit margins
  • Protecting livestock investments
  • Providing the consumer a healthier product
Our vision involves world-wide implementation and we want it done yesterday. We need the right individuals who can share the TekVet vision with livestock operators worldwide and get this incredible new health monitoring tool in the hands of livestock operators at the earliest time possible. 
Can you help us do it? It won’t be easy but will be well worth the effort. 
If you are up to the challenge, please contact us using one of the following methods:


  • By phone: (941) 721-0100
  • By email:
  • By standard mail: 

TekVet Technologies Co. 
702 17th Street East 
Palmetto, FL 34221

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TekVet Technologies Co. 702 17th Street East Palmetto, FL 34221 


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(941) 721-0100


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For information and sales inquiries regarding the TekVet Health Monitoring

For technical support and issues related to the TekVet Health Monitoring System.

For technical support and issues related to the TekAccess software

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Impressive Research Results

Continued research is being independently performed at one of the nation's top agricultural universities. The initial results are impressive. Stay tuned to this web site to get the latest research results as they are published.

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