Installing the TekVet System at the Livestock Location

Prior to the installation of the tags in the ears of the livestock, TekVet sends out field engineers to each location to perform a site survey to determine the location for the optimum placement and quantity of the TekVet solar-powered receivers. Once the survey is complete, we install the receivers for the facility. These devices receive the TekVet ear tag transmissions and forward the information to the TekVet Concentrator shown in the second image below.

A TekVet Concentrator is installed at a central location at the facility. This device collects the ear tag transmissions from the TekReceivers. The concentrator is then connected to our network through the internet. There are different ways to make the connection to the internet, each depending upon a facility’s location and the types of services available in that specific area. These services may include a cellular WAN network, satellite, DSL, or, as in this picture, a microwave transceiver.

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