Installation of the TekSensor tag in livestock

Each TekSensor tag comes as a complete kit in a sealed plastic bag. The visual tag, the electronic tag, and the buttons to attach the tag to the ear come ready for attachment. The electronic tag arrives fully powered with an internal battery that will last for the animal’s lifetime. As soon as the tag is attached, the TekVet Health Monitoring System automatically picks up the electronic tag transmission, including information regarding the animal’s temperature and identification number. 

During installation, the thermistor (electronic thermometer) is slipped inside the ear canal of the animal. The length and size of the tag have been designed for easy insertion with the intention of not interfering with the animal’s use of the ear. Cattle naturally produce significant quantities of ear wax which will form a natural seal around the thermistor protecting it from the weather. The thermistor comes pre-calibrated and has a resolution of 0.2 degrees Fahrenheit.